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Shopping advertising is really a smart choice for the ecommerce business owners whether it is on Google or Bing as it would become helpful for the business to launch and promote their products in the form of lists in Search results. Shopping Ads or Product listing ads are mainly Cost Per Click (CPC) ads which mainly appear on the Google Search Pages.

Shopping Campaigns

  • Google-Merchant
    Google Merchant
  • Amazon-Seller-Central
    Amazon Seller Central
  • Facebook-Shop
    Facebook Shop

Google Merchant

Google Merchant is a feature where you can list your product and bring it to the search engine result page very easily. Google merchant is completely free, large ecommerce sellers, small ecommerce sellers and individuals can also take an advantage of it. If you have a website with which you sell products, then you can make your product eligible on the search engine result page by putting a link to your website in Google Merchant. If you want, you can also run an Ad Campaign using Google Ads. Through shopping advertisement you can run paid campaigns so that your product can be sold as much as possible.

Amazon Seller Central

Who doesn't know about Amazon? It is the world's largest online ecommerce portal where millions of sellers from countries abroad sell their goods. People have unwavering trust on Amazon, so with a little understanding here, their products can be sold very easily. Amazon is called the online market place where any individual can also register and sell goods. In addition to taking care of customers, Amazon also takes care of its sellers.

  • Product and Category Plan
  • Seller Registration (Individual/Company)
  • Product Catalogue and Listing
  • SEO and Product Promotion
  • Maximum Sale and Revenue

Facebook Shop

Amazon is the world's largest online market place, but Facebook is the world's largest online social community. After establishing dominance in the world of social community, Facebook gradually started to move its steps towards sales, marketing and advertising. Today, using Facebook, millions of people are selling their product and promoting it as well. Facebook Shop is a dedicated platform where users can list and sell their product by placing it in Facebook's environment.

  • To create a Facebook shop, you must have a Facebook page.
  • If you want, you can create your own inventory and sell the product.
  • You can also sell goods by linking to Amazon Flipkart or any other affiliate.

Why go for Shopping Advertisement?

Shopping advertisement is one of the best ad campaigns for eCommerce business.

  • The product feed part of shopping campaign helps the targeted users to discover your business products faster.
  • Shopping advertisement only outlines the important information about your products in which the buyers may get interested.
  • It also includes photos, merchant name, and brand, price and link so that the willing customer can directly redirect to the online shopping portal to buy the product.
  • The business owners will get high return on investment.

Google shopping ad is one of the best paid optimization processes of your products on the search results. Shopping ads account for almost 40% of the product discovery on the web and over 50% of product clicks. In fact, most of the world’s top brands or eCommerce companies are investing a great amount of money to generate revenue through product listing ad campaigns.

Why Choose Us for Shopping Advertisement:

  • We provide comprehensive Shopping campaign including Google Shopping Ads which attract almost seven to eight out of every ten online shoppers who use Google to look for products.
  • Our digital service experts will make a proper strategy for optimizing the shopping feed and effectively managing the Merchant centre.
  • Our experts will provide you mobile-optimized ads which appear first in the search result and also boost the traffic and visibility separately from the desktop as well.
  • Our professionals will provide you clear metrics that give a snapshot on how your shopping campaign is running and performing and what more we need to do for improvement.
  • Comprehensive skill set: We continuously research on the current trend of the market to keep ourselves updated with the latest changes in search engine algorithm.
  • We do optimize the Lansing page of shopping ads to continue towards a sale once your ad is clicked.
  • We have a proven record of delivering a high conversion rate with the Google shopping listings.

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