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Search Advertising is one of the most important paid advertisement channels. Search Ads can easily drive leads and can generate genuine revenues for the businesses. Search advertising methods can deliver traffic online immediately. One of the common business models of Search Ads is PPC or Pay Per Click or you can say Google Search Ads.

Our Concept of Search Ad Auction

  • add-rank
    Ad Rank
  • bidding
  • quility
    Quality Score

Ad Rank

The ranked position of sponsored ad campaigns run on search engines is called their ad rank. Which place our search ad campaign will appear depends on the quality score.

Maximum Bidding

  • It is also known as maximum cost foot click bid. Which means that the maximum amount of money you can spend above 1 click of an ad.
  • In Google Ads, you can choose manual and automatic bidding. But if you are an expert in creating a search ad campaign, then you always select manual bidding.

Quality Score

Quality score is a very important factor in search engine ad campaigns. With the help of quality score, you can bring the rank of your ad to the top. Apart from this, you can also reduce your bidding cost a lot. Quality score depends on the factors given below -

  • Ad Relevancy
  • Landing Page Transparency
  • Ease of Navigation
  • Increasing on-site time

Why Choose us in Search Ads Campaign:

  • We have expertise in managing small budgets as well for any startup business and also big spending accounts for big enterprises.
  • We target audiences for your business on the basis of the geographic location, socio economic status and behavioral patterns. Digital Marketing is the digital technology which refers to attract online viewers towards the website and drive online sales via electronic commerce so that it can generate genuine leads for the company.
  • We do Keyword Mapping according to the business our clients is offerings and search patterns of the users. Our experts first try to understand the buyer’s activities and then start researching on sales lifecycle.
  • Our experts are also proficient enough in Dynamic Search Ads with Remarketing and Conversion rate Optimization.
  • We also run proper call tracking process for better retention and acquisition.
  • We also integrate CRM integration with the help of the website automation tool.

Marketings4U is one of the reputed paid advertising agencies in India which follow the steps properly to drive maximum benefit from search advertising. When the client is looking to drive growth on a tight budget, our smart professionals focus upon bidding, ads and keywords. Our search ad experts offer better leads; reduced cost per customer acquisition (CPA) increased revenue.

Process we follow For Search Advertisement:

  • Strategy, Create and Manage:

    The very first step that we take for Search engine advertising is to create a proper search advertising strategy by closely works with the clients. We keep your objectives in mind and also think about your budges, target audiences and resources. We always try to create a structure which will be easy to manage and scale.

  • Keyword Research:

    Our experts study on your products and services and also your existing customers to understand what actually they are looking for. We also go through your Competitive sites by using necessary tools to create proper keywords strategy so that you can get the ultimate benefit from it.

  • Ad creation:

    We incorporate everything to create, design and boost the conversion rate. We create relevant ads designed to attract the attention of the target audiences.

  • Bid optimization:

    We know your budget and thus optimize the bidding strategy according to it to generate more leads.

  • Landing Page design:

    Landing Page design is one of the essential parts for Google Search Campaign. A successful landing page must be relevant, have a strong call to action and informative as well. Our professional and expert web designing team will create a powerful landing page to drive sales.

  • Analysis and Report Generation:

    Last but not the least, we set up Google Tag Manager and UTM tags for properly tracking the details of conversion to get the ultimate success.

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