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Quora is one of the great tools to increase brand awareness, improving your reputation and establish the leadership thought among others. It is a free tool which can be used to get connected to the audiences, listen to feedback and gain insights from experts and contribute to conversations.

Quora Advertising

  • large-engaged-audiance
    Large Engaged Audiance
  • high-value-audiance
    High Value Audiance
  • In-the-right-context
    In the Right Context
  • Contextual Targeting

    By using contextual targeting in Quora advertising, we can target a particular topic, keyword and question. We can reach our company or its product directly to the actual consumer by targeting the topics related to our business, keywords related to your business and matching questions with your business. This contextual targeting feature of Quora is very effective because your ad campaign directly visible to anyone who is reading questions related to your business and who is writing or searching for answers.

  • Audience Targeting

    Within audience targeting feature, you can target website traffic audiences, lookalike and list match audiences. This feature of Quora Audience Targeting allows you to create a base of visitors to your website, if you have ever run a Quora ad before, you can also create a base of its audience, and even the audience based on the email addresses can be targeted.

  • Behavioral Targeting

    In Behavioral Targeting, we can target and build our audience base based on user interest. The meaning of behavior can be clearly understood which explains how users of Quora are behaving, how they are searching keywords, how to ask questions and how to read the answers. Behavior makes sense of user interaction, so Behavioral Targeting is a tremendous feature in Quora Advertising, with the help of which we can target our business and product's.

  • Broad Targeting

    Broad Targeting is exactly the same as Broad Match Keywords in Google Search Ads. If you have chosen the option of broad targeting in Quora Advertising, then Quora will start giving maximum impression on your ad. Within the Quora Broad Targeting feature, you can exclude questions on which you do not want your ad to appear.

Why you need Quora Marketing Services?

  • Great Audience Reach: With over 300 millions of monthly visitors, Quora Ads is one of the best-respected UGC platforms around the world.
  • Leadership Potentiality: There are lots of countless high-profile writers on the Quora platform including the former president of USA Barrack Obama as well. So, joining on Quora and writing on it is one of the great ways to boost your brand.
  • Search Visibility: Quora questions and answers can easily be searchable through Search Engines like Google. So, your write-ups will be there and remain evergreen and definitely drive people back to your site whenever any problem will arise.
  • High Quality Traffic: Running Quora Campaign can drive customers back to your website by answering their questions properly and demonstrating how your services can benefit them and solve their problems.

Marketings4u is one of the well-known Quora Marketing Agency in Delhi which helps you to hit the sweet spot between using Quora for research and leveraging Quora for Digital Marketing and Brand Awareness.

Quora is a question and answer site which is the most exciting addition in Social Media marketing strategy. This is a great platform which helps you to learn more about your audiences.

How does Quora Advertising Market Works?

When you create Quora Account for promoting your website or products or services, you can see the Ads manager under the Create Ad option in your profile. You will need to create an ad account to get started. After that, you need to go to Manage Ads page where you will be able to see the spending summary into four different segments –

  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Impressions
  • Spend

There are various ways to use Quora as a marketing purpose. If you are choosing paid Quora advertising, then the best option is to choose conversion targeting. Quora uses a special “conversion” pixel to allow the companies to track the impact which Quora Ads have on their website.

If you have a website and you want to use the conversion pixel, then you need to place the code on the website to track the movement between your site and the platform. Here, you have to set a Cost Per Action (CPA) and pay on a CPM basis.

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