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Instagram is the second-largest social media platform with more than 1 billion active monthly users and over 50% scrolling their feeds every day. If your business/brand does not have an Instagram presence, then it is missing thousands of daily interactions with potential customers.

Types of Instagram Advertising

  • Photo Ad
    Photo Ad
  • Video Ad
    Video Ad
  • Carousel Ad
    Carousel Ad
  • Stories Ad
    Stories Ad

What are Instagram Marketing Services?

Instagram Audiance Targeting Options

Instagram Marketing Services are such type of services which can develop monitor and manage the Instagram accounts of your company/business/brand and also the advertisement campaigns on Instagram. Most of the services include strategy development, account creation, content creation, creative posts, comment monitoring, performance tracking, reporting and many more.


Audiences can be targeted based on country, state and city.


Demographic can be prepared based on gender, age and language.


Reached to the people on the basis of their interest, the advertisement they see and the account they follow.


Audience base can be created on the basis of people's activity on Instagram and Facebook.

Custom Audiences

Based on the email and phone number of people you already know, run an ad for them.

Lookalike Audiences

You can find new people who are similar to your existing customers.

Why do you need Instagram Advertising?

Investing in Instagram Advertising can help your business to grow and build awareness among the customers:

  • It is an ideal platform to provide details about your service with images, videos and different posts on it. This will make a huge difference in the way of thinking of people in a positive manner.
  • Build brand awareness and help your business to grow well on a faster rate.
  • Increase and earn followers as you can easily connect to your customers who are interested in your services.
  • Increase Social media engagement.
  • Instagram is an effective medium to connect to other social media platform and Instagram is able to share your posts on other social media platforms too. It will ultimately save your time and decrease your extra efforts.
  • Generate purchases.
  • Create word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Drive traffic to your social media profile and to your website.
  • Interact with followers and customers.
  • Expand customer support.

Instagram is on trend nowadays and millions of people are using it on a daily basis. Millions of posts are shared every day, so overall we can say that it is one of the best and effective social media platforms for the business owners to generate awareness about your services and promote your business in a huge way.

Why choose us:

A successful Instagram Marketing strategy and Instagram Ads making takes advantage of all the tools that the Instagram platform has to offer. Marketings4u follow all the necessary steps and strategy to provide you with a successful Instagram campaign.

  • Profile optimization: A complete Instagram profile helps you to earn the trust of the followers. A complete profile includes branded high-quality profile image, a descriptive bio, engaging story highlights and link to your website.
  • Keywords Research: Now, this is the part which needs to follow in a very tactful way. Instagram hashtags and keywords are the way for the users to find new accounts and to follow it.
  • Story Highlights: Instagram stories appear on the top of the user’s feed. They are available for 24 hours before disappearing which making them perfect to share limited time and timely content promotion.
  • Follower tactics: The growth of the Instagram account depends on the relationships with each other. Follow, Like, Comment on the posts from other accounts is necessary. So, it is essential to share user-generated content to boost engagement with targeted customers.
  • Regular Posts: We post on your Instagram account on a regular basis to keep it relevant and engage to the customers.
  • Advertisements: Paid Display Ads or Instagram Advertisement can extend your reach to customers you have not interacted with yet.

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