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Flipkart is one of the markets leading Indian e-Commerce portal with maximum online reach and highest credibility. It has more than 10 Crores registered customers with minimum of 10 million daily page visits and 80 lacs shipments on every month across 1000 cities.

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Flipkart Seller Support Provider

If you are planning to sell your product through an online portal, then Flipkart would be one of the strongest partners to take your products to the potential customers all over India.

Among the recent fresh and dynamic online retailing sites in India where the presence of your business products can boost your revenues and help you to earn more in Flipkart. Flipkart is one such website which is on the fast track to growth with more than 10 millions of customers all across India. Over 100K merchants are already selling their business products and goods successfully through Flipkart. Already 500 categories are present in Flipkart where sellers can sell their products. Registering and selling in Flipkart is an easy process.

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Listing & Catalogue

Get Flipkart's product listing and cataloging service from Marketings4U.

SEO & Paid Advertising

SEO and paid campaigns are necessary for a good sale.

Why Sale on Flipkart ?

Flipkart is India's leading online e-commerce portal with more than 10 crore registered customers. Not only this, 10 million people visit the Flipkart website every day, about 80 lakh shipments are made daily in 1000 cities of India.

Next, if we talk about Flipkart, 100K merchants are selling their products here. The biggest thing is that up to 500 selling categories are available in Flipkart, within which many types of products can be sold. This data is the answer to your question as to why we sell our product on Flipkart. India's trusted online product selling platform is Flipkart, so you can also move forward using it.

Support Services of Flipkart: Managing the inventory and list the product is one section where a lot of manpower is required. The catalog makes goes side by side. The other wing will teach image editing so that the customer can see the picture of the product online with all clarity. The next thing is the promotion and getting updates from similar other platforms. It is a dynamic area and requires skills. This sector will help your organization for future developments.

  • Account Opening or Account Creation: Create account and business/company profile with the given information and implement a positive and proper image. After that, approval of the brand (GTIN) processing is done by our company. You will also get account support service, virtual assistance as well as bulk products uploading service after your business account creation.
  • Product Listing, Manage Inventory & Orders: We at Marketings4U always prepare to manage your eCommerce solution. Collect information about products, upload images and proper written informative and influential text along with the image of the product with template norms of Flipkart. We will live your products by taking the approval of the brand from the Flipkart. Also, fulfilling orders and updating inventory sheets.
  • Create Catalogue: We can create professional catalogues with high quality, attractive and professional photographs. We also add brief text according to the information provided by the business owners along with the product images.
  • High-Quality Image Editing: Most of the images require editing services due to the rules and regulations of the marketplace. Our experts can also help you in order to get professional images. However, most of the images require only background cleaning. So, if you think you are in need of image editing services, then Marketings4U is here for you.
  • Promotion: Promote your product to boost your sale. We also provide promotion of uploaded products by our SEO and SMO services along with the account creation, images uploading and content approval. After promotion, your products would able to appear in search result pages. Without promotion, your product would not appear on the first or second page of Google.
  • Daily Update: Also provide backup support services to keep your site fresh and current each day.

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Flipkart Seller Support

Selling goods online has now become much easier than it was ever before. There are multiple eCommerce platforms that let your products go online and exhibit your products towards the targeted and potential customers. Flipkart is one such eCommerce platform.

If you want to benefit by becoming one of the sellers on the Flipkart eCommerce platform, you then have to register your company and then need to set up the online storefront of your business. If you already have a running business, it is really easy to register in Flipkart but the tough part that faces most of the retailers/business owners in handling all their online display of products.