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To advertise your business products and services online to a wide range of audiences, the best way is to invest in some proven social media channels. Though Facebook ads have that much of potential to help you significantly to improve the visibility, grow your business and drive sales but getting the most out from your Facebook advertisement requires proper knowledge and experience with the Facebook Ad platform. A successful Facebook Advertising campaign needs proper strategy and testing to find just the right combination of targeting, creative designing, content and budget to engage and reach towards the targeted customers.

Facebook Ads Campaign

  • Awarenes
  • consideration
  • Conversion


Brand Awareness and Reach these 2 things often confuse us in the, Facebook ad campaign.

The main objective of Reach is - to show your ad to as many people as possible, how many times the ad appears in a day, funnel approach and cost less.

The main objective of brand awareness is - this type of ad Facebook shows people who look at the subject related to the ad with great attention, Facebook's primary goal in the awareness section is not that the ads reach more people, Facebook let it wants to reach as many interesting people as possible, in the point of brand awareness, your ad can appear to a person more than once if he is paying attention to your ad.


Consideration is a very important section in Facebook Marketing Objective. If you select the objective of Facebook ad, then you will get the following things:

  • User Traffic
  • User Engagement
  • App installation
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Message


Facebook Conversion Ad - This is the third and final objective of Facebook Advertising.

As its name itself suggests, this is a conversion oriented marketing section. To run the conversion ad, you need to put Facebook pixel code in your website. The ads that run inside the conversion have the format - carousel, single image or video, collection. You can even run conversion ads in posts on your Facebook page.

  • Conversions
  • Catalogue Sale
  • Store Traffic

Our Facebook Marketing Services:

  • As a Facebook Marketing Agency, Marketings4U has a talented team of creative designers and social media experts who know very well what it takes to implement effective Facebook Ad Campaigns for any type of business.
  • Our professional Facebook marketing services can able to scale up promptly and put you in the high growth zone.As per the target and unique goals of your company, our team will choose the best ad formats for your business and design the ads in such a way so that it can appeal to the buyers. We make sure that your ads are being targeted to those who are most likely to be interested in your products.
  • Our team will also monitor and test different types of d elements to optimize the performance growth and drive success.
  • Our team is also expert in Facebook retargeting which allows your company to reach towards the existing leads who already shown interests in your products/brand means giving you another option to close the sale.
  • We also provide reliable paid activities in which you can get more likes and responses regarding your services as compared to other organic promotions.

It is time when you require doing a partnership with a proper Facebook advertising agency who knows everything about Facebook. Out of which, Facebook Marketing services provided by Marketings4u are the best which gives the business owners a golden opportunity to directly connect with their customers who are keen on acquiring the promoted services. All our Social Media marketing specialists focus on providing enhanced user engagement and traffic to the targeted service pages.

Our Services:

We make use of all the Facebook Ads Services. We are specializing in –

  • Business Page Creation
  • Advertising Products and Services
  • Getting Page likes
  • Boost Posting
  • Facebook retargeting
  • Measuring the results
  • Creating accurate content for pages
  • Facebook Post types

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