What is Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace

is the major process of multi-channel e-commerce site where sellers publish their products delivered by multiple parties. Online transaction is being processed by the online marketplace operator. Entire process of transactions delivered by retailers or wholesalers. RFQ, RFI, REP are the types of sites that permit users to register and for selling from single items to various items.

Online marketplace vendor can publish their products and they have been providing all types of relevant information, price, classy features as well as quality of products. Potential customers can seek and browse products, quality and they compare prices with other online services also. They can buy goods easily from the seller. Online marketplaces are identified by an affordable cost for vendors. Customers can decide to purchase products. Consumers attract it because it displays product descriptions and gives a lot of information regarding the picture of products and customers which will be an essential matter. Seller can pay fees to Amazon for every item sold.


How many Amazon marketplace are there?

There are a total of 14 marketplaces across the globe. In other words, Amazon has several marketplaces around some country like USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, Japan, China, etc. on the other hand, currently, the active seller is almost more than 2.5 million sellers.

How does Amazon marketplace work?

Usually, marketplaces accumulate products or goods from a huge number of providers and shortlist a wide variety of products. On the other hand, it is highly available than retail or wholesale stores. According to the 2014 survey, online marketplaces have become more popular than before and there are a plethora of clients who are available around the places. Most of the marketplaces have a common interest in products that fulfill all the requirements of the customers. On the other hand, online marketplaces act as a mediator between seller and buyers.

 Benefits of Amazon marketplace:

Amazon Marketplace allows sellers to resell products or goods and new items.

Goods of other sites have become an integral part of the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon marketplace charges a percentage on every selling products. When the purchase is completed, there is no third party to make money, so Amazon takes a specific amount of money after getting money from the consumer.

When you choose any item from the Amazon marketplace, you will see different retailers have published their items over there for sell or resell through it. There is a wide range of items available.

Amazon marketplace is a very convenient way for the sites to sell their product because it is more accessible as well as Amazon shopping sites.

Customers give a rating on every selling product and anyone can get more info about products or new and used items.

How to be a third- party Amazon marketplace seller?

Search product to sell on Amazon marketplace: Searching quality based products can be a difficult task as a third party seller. It is very challenging to take the risk and potential customers have been upcoming every day and prices are constantly changing. So, it is very critical to get success.

Create a seller account on Amazon marketplace: There are two types of Amazon seller account. Pro account provides more selling features and the other is an individual account, there is no risk for getting started. You have to update both accounts as you want to improve your business from time to time.

List and sell products on Amazon marketplace: Offer price included with listed products for sale. As a seller, you can create new listings whereas you can enlist all products on the Amazon marketplace. New products can be seen for profitable purposes. So, we can easily say that product listing plays an important role in more sales.

Operate inventory and fulfill and ship Amazon orders: you will get two fulfillment options there as a third party seller.

FBAAmazon seller chooses these options directly and FBA stores inventory, pack, and ship when they will get the order. Amazon charges cost-effective fees from third party seller.

FBM– As a seller, you have to handle store, pack, and ship items after getting order with FBM. In general, your product is not fully competent. You have to manage all issues yourself.

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Tulika Mazumder

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