How to Sell Books on Amazon


In India, selling books online does not need a seller to be registered for GSTIN. Moreover, with the emergence of Amazon FBA, there has been a huge advantage to amateur sellers who want to start their online business with Amazon. Mostly, because of these two reasons, it is said selling books online in India is the most hassle-free business as compared to other products.

Here’s just a quick overview of the entire process of selling books on Amazon:

Step 1: Set up Amazon seller account.

Step 2: Decide which Amazon marketplaces you want to sell your books in.

Step 3: List your books.

Step 4: Build your inventory to keep track of your sales.

Step 5: Deciding the listing price.

Step 6: Calculate shipping cost for each product you have to ship or sell.

Step 7: Check your inventory regarding reasonable pricing and stock availability.

Step 8: Always keep your inventory updated with new stock.

Step 9: Clear your inventory at time intervals.

Step 10: Calculating profit margin.

Detailed process of Selling Books On Amazon?

Selling books on Amazon is a pretty straightforward process and we have divided the process to give a detailed and brief description about it:

1. Choose your sourcing method

Choose a method to decide the list of books you want to sell. If you are still confused, you can try different methods one at a time namely – scanning, wholesaling, retail arbitrage.

2. Getting started

Once you are ready with your sourcing, the next step is to create a Seller Account on Amazon.

  • If you want to sell used books on Amazon, then “Sign-up for an Individual Seller Account”.
  • If you want to sell new books on Amazon, then “Sign-up for a Professional Seller Account”.

With the “Individual Seller” account, you can sell a maximum of 35 items each month and it does not charge any monthly fee. Once you are ready with your selling account, decide the marketplaces you want to sell in.


Once this is done, decide how you want to fulfill your orders – using Amazon FBM (Fulfilled-by-merchant) or FBA (Fulfilled-by-Amazon. A detailed description of the two methods has been explained on the Amazon website itself.

3. Listing

This is the next step and probably the most important and delicate step, i.e., is to list your books on Amazon. This usually takes about a minute or two for each listing. Just tap the ISBN number and pick one from the results.

In most cases, your books are listed on Amazon already which means no need to even create a new product listing. After you find the book by searching, then go to your listing and select the option “Sell on Amazon.”

Once you are redirected to a window, enter the following details there:

  • The price of the book
  • The number of copies you are selling
  • The condition of the book (used-like new, used-very good, used-good, used acceptable, new)

In other cases, if you cannot find your book already listed on Amazon by searching by the ISBN, then you will have to create a new listing for it.

Click or obtain high-quality pictures of the product, and write and enter an appropriate product description. Next, go to “Save and Finish”.

4. Manage your sales

You listed books will appear on your inventory. Inventory is the one-stop place to manage all your sales – modifying or copying listings for multiple copies. The interface is intuitive, straightforward and simple, so need to worry.

5. Shipping

Amazon works on three distinct options for shipping, as follows:

  • Standard (expected delivery within 3-5 days)
  • Express (expected delivery within 1 day)
  • International (expected delivery within 5-35 days)

Amazon has fixed fees and credits for different delivery and shipping method. Remember that shipping charges are fixed for each listing of your book.

6. Seller Shipping Rates for Books

For buyers within a particular country, shipping charges differ based on product purchased. Check out Amazon’s official website for the detailed list of shipping charges.

7. Monitor your sales performance

Once you see sales pouring in, monitor your sales and manage it using your inventory and if needed, by calling up the customer service.

8. Customer service experience

Selling a bunch of books for one time essentially is not the end of the story. To grow an effective business on Amazon, it is essential that the seller offers helpful customer service to ensure they are happy and satisfied with their purchases. This will in turn ensure repeat purchases. 

Remember: your primary job to ensure better customer satisfaction is to ensure your customers receive the product on time and in the right condition.

9. Digital marketing

Digital marketing or Social media platforms are remarkably a powerful way of accelerating sales. Try posting your listings on Instagram or Facebook to drive more traffic using digital marketing strategy.


It is said that selling books on Amazon is the easiest process as compared to being a professional seller with other products in inventory. So, this is always recommended to a newbie especially because books does not need GST enrollment in India. If you need any help regarding selling books on Amazon, its best to directly seek the process on Amazon’s official website to avoid bumping on misguiding information. After going through that process, you can of course seek help from other related blogs and articles on the web.

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