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There are so many online marketplaces or stores and among all of them, Amazon is one of the widely used and respected online shopping websites. Amazon has millions of active users and also has millions of unique visitors each month.

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Amazon Seller Support Provider

If you want to increase your sales, then selling your items on Amazon marketplace is one of the smart choices in this competitive market. At, Marketings4U, we will help your business to become listed with all your products on Amazon.

If you are struggling to carve a niche on Amazon for your business and finding it hard to meet the operational expenses, then you just need to concentrate on your core business, trim down your operations and outsource your non-core activities to us. Marketings4U is the ideal partner to outsource Amazon seller support services and product listings and catalogue creation services.

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Listing & Catalogue

Amazon product listings and cataloging must be perfect and optimized to get a good sale.

SEO & Paid Advertising

Amazon product SEO and their marketing is essential so that people can recognize your brand.

Why Sale on Amazon ?

Although there are many ways to sell products online, but no one is better than Amazon. This is why I am saying that Amazon India has created more than 150 million registered customers in a short span of time. Amazon believes, the number of register customers will soon cross the 100 million mark. These figures are truly shocking but it also shows interest in growing online shopping in India.

The fast growing trend of online shopping in India also gives us the opportunity to think differently from traditional marketing and reach out to the online customers. I think you might have found the answer to the question of why sell on Amazon. The time has come that every small and big shopkeeper, manufacturing company and dealers start selling their products online by creating a seller account on Amazon India.

Support Services of Amazon: You should try SEO and paid advertising for Amazon to make the most popular website on the internet. We teach the entrepreneurs everything regarding Amazon listing services. The organization will be able to perform all activities like gathering information about products by setting an Amazon account and update the system. To make a good volume of sales, the organization can put their products on Amazon where the bulk of Indians of varied taste search for products.

Our Services for Product listing on Amazon:

Marketings4U provides end-to-end solutions for Amazon product listing services. We help eCommerce entrepreneurs to help in setting up their Amazon store, gather product information and upload it in the backend system for processing and update.

  • Set up your Amazon Store: Work with our expert in0house team who can help you to create a seller account with all your provided and required documents by keeping it with utmost accuracy.
  • Amazon Product Data Entry: We are able to create appealing and engaging product listings to grasp the attention of the buyers. Our data entry specialists can able to add the products manually on Amazon account with the product details like SKU, Title, Description, Image URL, price, payment details into a spreadsheet format or CSV file format so that it could be easier for you or any other person to upload the details effortlessly.
  • Bulk Product Upload: We can help you to upload hundreds or thousands of products at once through our expert’s services. We will list your products either at a fixed price or set up an auction.
  • Edit and Upload Product Images: We are well aware with the entire image editing software like Adobe Photoshop to enhance the quality of the product images and make sure that they are bright, clear and appealing as well. Our image editing service may include image masking, watermark removal, red-eye removal, background change or removal, colour, contrast and brightness adjustment and lot more.
  • Product Titles and Description Addition: To make your products apart from other competitor products, we customized the titles and descriptions of the products. We thoroughly research unique keywords and add keywords rich title and description on each item so that you can get better visibility on the leading search engines.
  • Category Management: Our ecommerce listing professionals can carefully research the products and assign the products according to the appropriate categories or sub-categories. It will help the visitors/shoppers to find the items quickly.
  • Manage and Process Orders/Inventory Management: Our experts will streamline the order to cash process with the entire order processing services that manage the entry and management, order fulfillment, order tracking, shipping handling, stock management, debit/credit card processing and so on.

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Amazon Seller Central Support - Marketing Servives in India

We have highly skilled and well-experienced data entry teams for eCommerce portal to manage Amazon data entry, Amazon bulk product upload, Amazon product listing and Amazon product inventory management responsibilities.

Our Amazon product data entry specialists are able to manage and update all your product catalogues on regular basis and have the aim of developing a centralized shopping destination where visitors can get the knowledge about the items you sell and take decisions to purchase the items.

Our experts strictly follow all the photo editing and uploading guidelines so that you can sell all your products easily and profitably. Marketings4U is offering product data entry to Amazon for worldwide clients from diverse items including but limited to automotive, apparel and accessories, cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle products, computers, electronics, sports, home accessories watches and many more. So, make your product listings on Amazon by our experts with all the relevant details like Convincing product descriptions, SKUs, Engaging Videos, Well Optimized Titles, Competitive prices, Images and more.