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Marketings4U is one of the leading catalogue service providers of Amazon in India which offers total assistance to the business owners to list their products and launch their online presence in Amazon. We provide the best experience to all our clients from the best industry expert team combined with superior technology. We will list all your products to Amazon Marketplace and keep you ahead from your competitors. As a standard provider of framework favoured edge in India, we have the quality, experience as well as knowledge on how Amazon limits and colossal are working in order to what online buyers are expecting from the sellers.

Amazon Products List

  • Seller-Registration
    Seller Registration
  • Product-Catalogue
    Product Catalogue
  • SEO-Optimization
    SEO Optimization

Amazon Listing Service Provider:

  • Registration and Create Seller Account: The first step is to complete the registration process and create Seller account to start selling on Amazon. Our eCommerce expert team will complete the registration process and setup your seller account on Amazon so that you can upload your product for selling.
  • Web Store Setup: After completion of the Registration process, the very next step is to setup your web- store on Amazon. We have in-house specialized team of web-store setup professionals who can fulfill all the requirements with 100% effectiveness.
  • Product Listing/Uploading and Managing Catalogue: Our team can take care about the whole process of creating and managing your business product catalogue by listing your products on the related categories with complete information about the product. Our Product Catalogue management services include product listing, image addition, product description and image edition (when required) as well.
  • Image Editing: Our professional image editor presents the images of the products in the best way to convert the visitors into buyers and convey the best possible impression for future sales. The image we edit and generate is a high profile impressive and international style to give the value addition.
  • Order Status Tracking: Our team can also track and mange all your product order and send yu a complete report of Real time Order Status. Order tracking alert email with notification will automatically send to the seller’s email id.

Marketings4U provides the best experience to the clients from the best industry expert team which can be combined with latest technology, knowledge and experience. Our eCommerce experts are skilled in Market analysis, Image Edition, Product Listings, Product Description Writing and Promotion of your products through SEO and SMO.

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Our Amazon Catalogue Services

We work on the complete Catalogue services of Amazon which includes creating accounts, database, image implementations, products uploads, text addition, linking product with appropriate and optimized content by our expert content writers to convert your business into sales.

  • Account Creation: We create a company account as per the preferred marketplace to proceed forward and also take the brand approval (GTIN) from Amazon to make your products live online.
  • Amazon Product Listings/Product Upload Services: We upload each product by scrupulously entering all the specific details of the product such as SKU, product tag, standard product ID, description data and other category-specific information as well.
  • Template Specific Data Entry: We always choose the perfect Amazon Template for your product and enter it in the product data accordingly.
  • Amazon Bulk Upload Service: Our experts are also professional enough of entering single products or using the bulk upload tool to upload so many products at once in your Amazon account.
  • Amazon Inventory Management Services: Inventory Management is an important part of any business and selling products online on Amazon is also a big part of this. Our Catalogue professionals keep up-to-date to the stock levels and restock dates of the product and endure you that you can accurately figure out the shipping time which is required for any specific product.
  • Promotion: Account launch and promotion of all the uploaded products is done by our online marketing professionals through SEO and SMO.
  • Daily Update: We update contents on daily, weekly and monthly basis according to the requirement.
  • Amazon Boost Services: Our services include premium Amazon boost services which can help your business products to drive traffic and improve the conversions of the product pages.
  • Product Image Editing Services:Experts of Reliant Infotech knows that product images have a direct impact on the sales. An attractive product image draws customers towards online store whereas a poorly done image was not. Our product image editor will edit all the images that will be uploaded in the portal according to Amazon’s image guidelines.
  • Product Portfolio Creations: We create customized portfolios for the products from which products can be launched or removed with accurate information for the buyers.